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Domyślnie A fast-paced and pragmatic introduction to one of the world's most popular programming languages

English | 2019 | ISBN-13 : 978-1789801736 | 408 Pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) | 19.1 MB

Enhance your career options with this well-crafted object-oriented programming language that enjoys the support of an enormous ecosystem of tools and libraries
Key Features

Get introduced to Java, its features, and its ecosystem
Understand how Java uses object-oriented programming
Become an expert Java exception handler

Book Description

Since its inception, Java has stormed the programming world. Its features and functionalities provide developers with the tools needed to write robust cross-platform applications. Java Fundamentals introduces you to these tools and functionalities that will enable you to create Java programs.

The book begins with an introduction to the language, its philosophy, and evolution over time, until the latest release. You'll learn how the javac/java tools work and what Java packages are - the way a Java program is usually organized. Once you are comfortable with this, you'll be introduced to advanced concepts of the language, such as control flow keywords. You'll explore object-oriented programming and the part it plays in making Java what it is. In the concluding chapters, you'll get to grips with classes, typecasting, and interfaces, and understand the use of data structures, arrays, strings, handling exceptions, and creating generics.

By the end of this book, you will have learned to write programs, automate tasks, and follow advanced courses on algorithms and data structures or explore more advanced Java courses.
What you will learn

Create and run Java programs
Use data types, data structures, and control flow in your code
Implement best practices while creating objects
Work with constructors and inheritance
Understand advanced data structures to organize and store data
Employ generics for stronger check-types during compilation
Learn to handle exceptions in your code

Who this book is for

Java Fundamentals is designed for tech enthusiasts who are familiar with some programming languages and want a quick introduction to the most important principles of Java.
Table of Contents

Introduction to Java
Variables, Data Types, and Operators
Control Flow
Object-Oriented Programming
OOP in Depth
Data Structures, Arrays, and Strings
The Java Collections Framework and Generics
Advanced Data Structures in Java
Exception Handling

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